Abe’s passion for the outdoors was something that developed before he even understood what nature had to offer.  It all started even before Abe learned how to walk when his parents would bring him on camping trips as an infant.   As Abe grew, he enjoyed each new outdoor adventure he had the opportunity to go on.  The rush and excitement of catching a fish,  getting that game, and running big water made him realize he was made to take advantage of what the outdoors had to offer, and hoped one day to share that excitement with others.

Before graduating Indian Lake Central School, Abe trained to be a whitewater raft guide.  In 2006 after completing his training and required trips, he obtained his New York State Guide’s license where he began working as a whitewater raft guide.  In addition to working as a raft guide, Abe continued to enjoy everything nature had to offer while also learning as much as he could about the history of his beloved Adirondacks.   In 2008 Abe expanded his adventures with a guide service wherein he guided camping trips, fishing trips, hiking trips, kayaking/canoeing trips and hunting trips which he continued doing for 11 years bringing us to today.

Today, Abe takes all of his experience and love for the outdoors and invites you to join him by booking your trip with his very own guide service:  Adirondack Mountain Outfitters. You may also request Abe as a guide with our affiliate, Adirondack Mountain and Stream Guide Service with whom he still guides for.

Photography courtesy of Kelly Lynn Photography.