Guide Services

Spend more time outdoors and less time planning.  Adirondack Mountain Outfitters is a full service hunting, fishing, hiking and canoeing outfitter specializing in full or half day wild backcountry trips.  

Let our lifetime of experience in the Adirondacks take you to places that aren’t in the guide books, away from the crowds.  Whatever is your vision of the ultimate Adirondack excursion, we will make it happen.   No matter your stage in life, fitness level, or disability we will create a custom wilderness experience for you.  

Please make sure to visit NYS DEC to acquire a hunting or fishing license before the trip. 



Adirondack Mountain Outfitters offers bow, black powder, and rifle hunting trips in the Central Adirondacks.  No matter your level of experience, age, or ability level we have a trip for you.  We’ll guide you down remote trails and abandoned logging roads to hidden sections of the Adirondack Park where the deer take hermitage.

Our extensive observation of feeding patterns, rutting seasons and animal behaviors gained over a lifetime of hunting experience will convert to a satisfying and constructive excursion for you and your group.  We’ll make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience with thorough preparation and comprehensive instruction.

Whitetail is our game of choice, but our guides also lead hunts for turkey, woodcock, grouse, and coyote.  In any season, chasing any kind of game, we will ensure the best results possible on your hunt.

There's a trophy buck waiting for you in the backcountry. 



Gone Fishing! That iconic phrase, taped to a store window or an office door lets the world know you've gone off the grid.  

If only it were that simple!  Many factors come into play when considering a fishing trip. Water temperature, time of day, tackle options and techniques.

Adirondack Mountain Outfitters makes it that simple.  No planning, no research, just tape that sign to your wall and we'll take you on the perfect fishing trip.

Fish from shore, from a canoe, or motorized fishing boat. Our motorized boat can take up to three guests on a motorized fishing trip of a lifetime.

Like the cold season? We can take you ice fishing too!

Feel that rush of the tug on your line. 



Get on the right track with a guided hiking expedition.  Our guides are familiar with every corner of the Adirondack Park.  From the High Peaks to the central plains, there is an adventure waiting for you. 

Learn wilderness lore like how to navigate by map and compass, survival skills, animal tracks, and bird identification.   A few trips with us and you’ll be leading friends and family on your own expeditions!

Are you ready for fresh air and mountain paths?  



There’s few things more enchanting than the quiet splash of a paddle stroke and the graceful cut of a ripple across the bow.  The finest way of exploring the waterways of the Adirondack Park is by canoe and kayak.  This approach to sightseeing grants paddlers access to the solemn hush of a secluded backcountry. Encounters with bald eagle, loon, kingfisher, and egret are a common occurrence on these remote tours.

We invite you to join us for an excursion into this vast wilderness.  Our unique guided trips are designed for the novice up to the advanced paddler.   You supply an adventurous spirit, and we’ll supply a friendly, knowledgeable guide and the best gear on the water. 

Leave the preparations to us.